Voice-Over Work

Sarah has done voice-over work for a wide range of clients, from charity infomercials to corporate clients for use in both their internal training and external marketing.  


She has voiced television news items, commercials and videos used in shops and showrooms in a range of styles, depending on the subject matter.


She can deliver a young, fun, friendly voice for younger viewers, but is equally capable of a smooth, deeper and reassuring delivery for factual material.


She has provided extensive voice-over within the corporate sector and has also voiced kids tv inserts, rugby results, weather forecasts and commercials - from financial services to holidays and entertainment packages.


In the past, Sarah has also been involved with voice-over work for the Royal National Institute for the Blind, recording a variety of educational texts for their audio library for University Students.

Corporate voice-over

Technical voice-over

Commercial voice-over

Factual for younger viewers voice-over

Factual voice-over

Voice-over reel