Television Presenting

Wildlife & Environment

Sarah has interviewed scientists and politicians and reported live on science programmes focusing on the environment.


She has produced factual environmental news reports and light-hearted features.


Subjects have ranged from UV sewage treatment or coastal erosion monitoring in the North East of England, to features on endangered species including captive seahorse rearing and red pandas.  


Her most glamorous shoot to date has been filming giant tortoises and corals following an El Nino bleaching event in the Seychelles.  

Kids TV

Sarah became a well-known face to fans of the popular Sky One series ‘Gamezville’, which ran for over 200 episodes. As well as showcasing new game releases and gadgets in studio, Sarah produced features on gaming technology and interviewed many games developers and designers at their headquarters in the UK and abroad.  


In studio, she interviewed kids in the ‘Mobile Pad’ about gaming on handheld devices; fronted weekly competitions and showcased new gadgets in the segment 'Inspect Yer Gadget'. She regularly dressed up for themed comedy sketches in studio with the other presenters and undertook all kinds of challenges for the show.   


Highlights included interviewing Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, learning trick-shots from snooker legend Steve Davis, reporting from Paris with competition winners and challenging singer Matt Goss to a 'tekken duel'. She also endured weapons training with the British Army and careered around a forest track in a rally car at 100mph...

Shopping & Infomercials

Sarah has presented over 100 hours of live studio television.


She has a wealth of experience as a demonstrator and sales personality for technology products on home shopping channels.


This has included two years as a guest presenter on QVC, and as the sole anchor presenter of four hour-long shows on the Jewellery Channel.


In addition to QVC, clients have included JML, Ideal World, Argos TV and TJC.

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