About Sarah

Sarah is a presenter with a background in TV production.


Sarah's major love is the Natural World and when she can, she indulges in her passion for wildlife photography and travel.


She has been fascinated by Natural History for as long as she can remember. From an early age she was observing and recording wildlife, pond dipping, collecting sea shells and digging for fossils. She kept stick insects as pets and loved to climb trees…


Today, little has changed! She retains that same natural curiosity and enthusiasm - and feels strongly that kids should be allowed the opportunity to enjoy outdoor play and be close to Nature. And yes, she still loves climbing trees…


Sarah is a member of the Woodland Trust and has been taking practical courses via the Field Studies Council in Epping Forest, including the importance of Veteran Trees and their role as biodiversity 'hubs' within the forest.


She has taken part in surveys monitoring bat populations, and received a distinction from a mammal identification course run by the Mammal Society. This included small mammal trapping, handling and releasing; and also taking apart owl pellets to identify mammal remains under a microscope (where she discovered shrews have red tips to their teeth!)


She and her husband live near Epping Forest with two beautiful cats.