With a background in television production, Sarah launched her online series 'Forestwatch' to celebrate the diversity of woodland wildlife and ancient trees.  


Living close to Epping Forest, she can often be found capturing magical moments.


From the fragile bluebells of Spring and the birdsong of Summer, to the russet foxes and toadstools of Autumn and the silence of a snowy Winter woodland - each short film is dedicated to the changing beauty of the forest through the seasons.

Sarah is keen to work on more Natural History programming.

Here are two of Sarah's Forestwatch videos. The first is about horse chestnut trees and their battle with the leaf miner moth. The second features native British bluebells and the threat posed to them by the arrival of the more robust Spanish bluebell.

For more of her films, please visit Sarah's Forestwatch playlist on YouTube.

Beautiful Horse Chestnut Trees with Sarah Rees

The Bluebells of Epping Forest with Sarah Rees

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