Academic Background

Natural History // Geography // Environmental Science


Sarah's first degree was a Joint Honours Degree in French and Geography, which involved living near the Pyrenees in the South of France for a year.


She specialised in 'Global Geomorphology' - the processes that have shaped our planet - including Plate Tectonics, Glaciology, Hydrology and Geology.

She also studied Applied Climatology, Tropical Rainforests and Coral Reefs.

After working for an Environmental Consultancy, carrying out risk assessments of petrol stations throughout the UK (complete with hard hat and boots!), she was awarded a scholarship to do a Master's degree in Environmental Science.


She studied Environmental Impact Assessment, Biological and Chemical Aspects of Environmental Pollution, Contaminated Land Recovery, Bio-Informatics for Conserving Biodiversity and Environmental Management and Ecological Restoration, which was taught at the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, Hampshire.


Her dissertation for her MSc focused on the ability of urban trees to improve air quality in urban areas by capturing particulate air pollution.

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