Technology Presenting

Sarah regularly showcases gadgets and new technology products on TV and at live events. 

She has been beamed onto the side of a building in Japan whilst presenting for Hitachi; and has showcased a wealth of gadgets on British television channels.

Capable of simplifying technical jargon, she has presented features on gaming and gadgets on Sky One; and she is regularly called upon to guest present new high-end photographic equipment and computer software, ranging from Driving Test and language programmes to crafting and children's games. She has over 100 hours of live studio presenting experience.

Within the Corporate Sector, she presents new technology products on corporate videos and also at live events for the general public.


Demonstration videos have ranged from sweat-resistant shirt fabric and new gadgets for the home, to a security film for BAA used by Customs at British airports to demonstrate new security procedures.


For Sarah's showreels, please click here.

Photo of Sarah Rees doing green screen presenting